What To Know About Adding Logos To Your Gym

Logos are a huge part of any facility’s identity, and play an important part in building brand awareness and a team identity. When designing a facility, most gym owners want to ensure they are able to incorporate their logos. What should gym owners know ahead of time when it comes to logo use in their facilities?

Color Matters

Often gym owners will have a logo designed before opening their facilities, which means they must take into account the colors used in their logos when deciding on training mat and wall pad colors. A red and black logo, for example, might look awkward on blue wall pads. A green logo on red mats may be a little too reminiscent of Christmas. A colorful logo, however, may also help a facility stand out and make a statement on gym apparel. This is part of the reason that neutrals like black and grey are popular mat and wall pad colors in facility design. Keep in mind the relationship between logos and gym coloring at the beginning stages of your gym journey.

Simple Is Better

Intricate logo designs can be fun and help set a gym apart. However, complicated designs can make it more difficult for logos to stand out in gym photos, especially when taken farther away. With the importance of social media and frequency of students posting photos taken at a gym, it’s best to have a simple logo that stands out and is easily recognizable.

Technology and Placement

Work with your Zebra sales rep to add logos to your Zebra mats and wall pads, and make sure the process goes easier by ensuring your logo is in a vector format to allow for printing on mat and wall pad vinyl. Having your logo ready to go in the correct format will save you time and allow the process to move as quickly as possible. Work with your sales rep on the best placement for your logo within the gym in spots that allow for the most visibility and photo placement (see our previous article on branding your gym).

Logos are an important part of any facility. Work with your Zebra sales rep today to make sure you’re setting your gym up for success.