Martial Arts Mat Layout Options for Any Facility

When it comes to designing your MMA or martial arts facility, the fun part is realizing that you get to decide where everything goes, and how it all looks. The space you make for your martial arts mats is a key part of the design of your entire facility. Each gym owner has a different idea of how they prefer their mats are arranged, and we’ve helped facilities all over the world refine and build out the vision they have for their facility.

There are many ways to create a mat formation, and these are some of the most common mat layouts you see in facilities. Which one is right for your facility will depend on your coaching and training style.

Single Color With Logos

caio terra zebra mats

Many facilities choose to have one color for their martial arts and MMA mats. This single-color formation often includes a single mat in the center printed with their logo. This is a good choice for smaller facilities, as uninterrupted space appears bigger to the eye. Light grey, light blue, and white have become popular colors when this mat layout is used.


mma lab zebra mats

Another popular choice is a single color surrounded by a border of mats with a contrasting color. Gym owners often choose the two colors most prominent in their logo for this layout. Most often, the lighter color makes up the majority of the mat space while the darker color forms a contrasting border around the edge.

Defined “Ring” Spaces

zebra pole pads in gym

Bigger facilities often choose to have several squares filled with a contrasting mat color or outlined in a contrasting mat color. This is a great way to manage larger classes by having dedicated “ring” spaces. Coaches can assign individual students or pairs to different rings in order to avoid collisions when sparring or rolling. For facilities with kids programs, solid rings can help kids identify where to go and allow coaches to break them into smaller, more manageable, groups.

Single “Ring” Space

zebra wall pads in gym

One of the less conventional choices, consisting of a single center ring, allows the coach a place to gather students to demonstrate techniques. It can also serve as a space to highlight student matchups at the end of class.


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