The Best Way to Customize Your Facility for Maximum Brand Awareness

When planning out the perfect MMA facility, there are so many things that go into it. When it is all said and done, it needs to come out perfect. One aspect of this process is displaying your brand to maximize awareness in the space. Zebra has helped hundreds of gyms go from dream to reality, and has helped facility owners maximize their brand awareness at the same time.

Logo Items

Custom logos being printed on martial arts products is fairly new compared to how long facilities have been open. This really picked up in the early 2000s with the growth of MMA. There are a vast range of products that MMA facilities need, but not all gyms buy all these items. Here are a few things you can print your brand on:

Logo Placement

Everyone takes pictures at some point during class, after class, after you clean the space, etc. The best way is to place the gym’s logos where they come up in as many pictures as possible. Imagine walking through the doors of the gym. The first thing that should catch your eye is the logo that is at eye level. That logo is almost always on wall pads with a standard 6’x6’ sized logo. Start with that and place it in the most prominent spot you can, then take pictures around it or in front. When you put these photos on social media, it will help increase awareness of your brand.

Every gym needs something to punch and kick. Muay Thai bags, heavy bags, and uppercut bags can all be printed on. Imagine doing a video tutorial of the different punches your students are learning, and in every angle of every second of that video is your gym’s logo. This option is economical and very effective for brand awareness.

Lastly, logo up your Zebra mats on the ground. This logo may not be seen until the practitioner is on the mats, but it is the finishing touch for brand awareness. There is a fine line of having too many logos printed and just the right amount. The printing on the Zebra mats is the secret to staying on the right side of this line.

Brand awareness is key to success, especially in today’s social media driven world. Contact Zebra today and ask about our custom logo printing options.