About Zebra

At ZEBRA Athletics, we offer premier-quality flooring for training facilities and yoga studios, along with all the products necessary for outfitting any gym or studio to its maximum potential. But, we do a lot more than just sell training equipment.

Our team at ZEBRA acts as a partner to work with facility owners and managers to equip each space with the products that fit their vision, direction, and clientele needs. This means that we work with each of our partners to ensure products like Mats, Wall Pads, and more will allow them to train with clients easily and efficiently.

With more than 20 years outfitting gyms and studios, ZEBRA Athletics is the world’s leading training facility outfitter. Zebra was the first flooring company that brought high-end quality MMA Mats, Martial Arts Mats, and flooring to the Martial Arts disciplines. We’ve also expanded to include other training disciplines such as Tactical and Yoga, as well.

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