Your Brand is Your Promise

Did you ever stop to think about your brand? What is it? Why does it matter? How can you manage it? Maybe you’ve never even given it a thought? It’s important to realize, however, that your brand exists whether you think about it or not.

The Ins-and-Outs of your Brand

The things you do within the community, the way you conduct business, the way you treat your customers, the attitude that exudes from your facility… that’s all part of your brand. So is the building you are in, the appearance inside the building and your fight team’s record. The real power of any brand is the ability to get people to come back… and to tell others about your facility.

Your brand is at work for you (or against you) 24 hours a day, every day. You can control things like the tone of your advertisements, the content of your website and the updates on your Facebook page. Those are all ways you can build your brand, but that’s just a small element of what goes into building your brand. Just as important is what you do on the mat and how you do it. It’s about the message your students are posting about you on their Facebook pages, the discussion going on in the parking lot among students after a training session, and the recommendations parents give their friends because they love your kids program.

You have control of your brand if you believe it’s important. If not, a bad receptionist, a trainer with the wrong attitude, an inconsistent Puzzle mat cleaning schedule, an outdated website or a Facebook post you wish you could take back, can derail your brand image. If you want your brand to stand for high-quality and superior training, make sure you have the best products in your gym and the best trainers you can find.

Here are some basic brand-management tips:

  • Define It. Have a brand message that is honest, clear and understood by everyone in your gym.
  • Be Unique. Your brand needs to stand out from the competition.
  • Listen Closely. Your students, your competitors and your employees all talk about your facility and your brand. Listen to what they are saying! Meet with your employees, individually and in groups, and ask for feedback. Talk to your students and ask them if there is anything they would like to see changed or anything you aren’t currently offering them.
  • Be Honest. If you brand message is to have the cleanest gym in town, then make sure it is!
  • Care for Your Brand. Things change. You will get new students and new competition over the years. All of this impacts your brand, which may have to change or be tweaked form time-to-time.

Then, let our team at Zebra know how we can help you further your messaging through the branding within your facility. Contact us today to get started.