When are Puzzle Mats the Right Choice for Martial Arts?

As far as the hierarchy of mats go, puzzle mats lie somewhere in the middle, but that does not make them the wrong choice, depending on the facility and the martial arts disciplines practiced there. There are four main reasons why puzzle mats may be the right choice for your facility.

#1: Puzzle Mats are the Economical Choice

Whether you have a stand up martial arts program or a grappling program, Zebra Athletics offers a suitable puzzle mat for your facility. If you are opening your first martial arts school, your budget may be tight, but you still need a protective flooring, and you can’t go wrong with a puzzle mat. The life expectancy of a puzzle mat is 4-6 years (which depends on how busy your program is on a weekly basis). Zebra puzzle mats allows you to get your martial arts school’s program up and running. As it grows over the next couple years, you can always save up for 1” or 2” martial arts mats, allowing you to upgrade to your dream flooring.

#2 Useful for Quick Taekwondo or Karate Tournaments

Puzzle mats offer a cheap and quick way to set up a tournament. The mats are reversible with a certain color on each side. With this feature you can create a number of rings for your tournament. They are also lightweight, only 8-10lbs each, so taking them up and putting them down, along with transporting and storing them, is not too much work.

#3 Great for Home Gyms

Puzzle mats are perfect for home gyms. When you want to train at home on a budget and need something safe to train on, puzzle mats are perfect for your space. You can easily customize them by cutting them on site to fit a room in your basement, garage or maybe even your living room! Then when you are done, just take them apart and stack them up in the corner. You can’t go wrong. Plus, they can last you up to 10 years in a lightly-used home setting!

#4: Ideal for Outdoor Training

Puzzle mats are made of an EVA closed cell foam. This means that the foam is water proof. If you are a martial artist who likes to take their training outdoors on a beautiful day, puzzle mats are the right choice for you! The low price point of the puzzle mats will also help ease your concern about ruining or losing the mats when using them outdoors. Another feature is that the puzzle mats are lightweight, making them easy to transportation, setup and take down. Take your training outdoors with Zebra puzzle mats!


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