The Tools for Fitness and Martial Arts Training

The growing exposure of MMA has become increasingly more positive, making your job of promoting to people who might be interested in martial-arts style training easier. But this growth can also help you promote to a much larger audience of people than those who are just interested in getting in shape!

Opportunities for Growing Facilities

People by the millions flock to health clubs and personal trainers. This is an OPPORTUNITY for any martial arts and mixed martial arts business! Few national chain health clubs can offer the quality of personal service that you can. What they do have is a lot of equipment, so you need to make sure that you have the equipment and tools necessary to attract your piece of the fitness pie!

Equipment for Your Gym

Affordable items to consider adding to your gym include TRX training tools that you can suspend individually from an individual bag rack. These are easy to move out of the way when not using them.

Make sure you also have some resistance training items on hand, like Kettlebells, conditioning ropes and weight plates. You should also incorporate some CrossFit items like plyometric boxes and pull-up bars. If you teach Muay Thai, be sure to have a variety of Muay Thai pads and bags.

Don’t forget “traditional” combat training items like heavy bags, dummies, gloves and training pads. Zebra has a range of bags and dummies to choose from that can be used for grappling work and striking. These versatile tools last for years, are portable and are great for sparring when students don’t want to get hit back.

Finally, if your space allows, you should look into cages and rings, such as Zebra’s Pro Series, Training Series and Showcase Series Cages. If your space doesn’t allow for a full-fledged cage, check out the Zebra Cage Panel Walls. They provide a trainable barrier between your grappling and striking areas.