Think Puzzle Mats are Just for Martial Arts? Think Again!

Whether being used at home or in the gym, there are many uses for puzzle mats, making them one of the most versatile and affordable options for flooring. While Zebra’s puzzle mats are ideal for MMA, martial arts and yoga facilities, there are a lot of alternative uses for the flooring material.

These are a few of the many uses for puzzle mats, both for residential and commercial locations.

Playrooms & Daycare Centers

The soft, protective foam of puzzle mats makes the perfect surface for home playrooms and daycare centers. These mats are designed to protect athletes who train in martial arts and MMA, so they are well-suited for handling the roughhousing that occurs when children of all ages are playing together.

Zebra’s puzzle mats also come in a variety of colors — black, gray, green, red, yellow, blue and woodgrain — allowing you to customize the look of your flooring so that it perfectly matches your room’s unique design.


Is the hard, cold concrete flooring in your basement causing you discomfort? Do you have to throw on a pair of shoes or slippers before going downstairs to do laundry, store something, etc.? Puzzle mats are the perfect solution. They are easy to lay down on basement floors, making the surface much more pleasant to walk on. The mats are also easy to pick up and clean/disinfect, allowing you to prevent mold from growing underneath them.

Modern Office Spaces

Modern businesses are seeking new ways to stand out and make their office space more unique. Puzzle mats can be used in a spare office, making it a great space for in-office recreation. They can also be used as a more comfortable flooring surface around employee desks, especially if your employees use standing desks.

Industrial Flooring

The surface of industrial facilities is hard, rough and uncomfortable. Puzzle mats can help soften this work surface and provide protection for both employees and products. Whether it’s a person or a product hitting the floor, puzzle mats are a much better surface to come in contact with.

Looking for puzzle mats for your home, office or facility? Everything you need is right here at the Zebra Athletics store. Zebra sells both 1” puzzle mats and thicker 1 5/8” puzzle mats.