The Best Mats for Traditional BJJ Facilities

We are commonly asked, “Which mats are best for BJJ training” by facility owners. As a major martial arts discipline, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is quickly growing across the U.S., and we are outfitting facilities in nearly every state in the country. While many martial arts mats provide a basic level of protection for those practicing BJJ, there are a special type of jiu jitsu mats made specifically for this type of martial arts training in the Gi.

What Makes a Good BJJ Mat?

Mat thickness matters when it comes to martial arts mats, especially when being used for grappling and groundwork-heavy disciplines like BJJ. When practicing throws, slams, and other ground-based maneuvers, it’s important to have a mat that is thick enough to provide ample padding and protection.

The International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation requires their official tournament mats to be 1.5-inches thick, and Zebra’s Grappling Mats matches that thickness, and the 15 lb/ft3 of foam density and 1.5-inch thickness provide the perfect amount of shock absorption and impact protection needed for takedowns and pulling guard.

BJJ mats also come in 2-inch thickness, which provides ever better protection. If high impact throws and slams found in Judo are incorporated into the curriculum at your BJJ facility, these thicker mats will provide a more appropriate level of protection when grappling.

The Right Mat Surface for Traditional BJJ Training

Outside of the thickness and density of the foam, the surface should allow for several things:

  1. Maneuverability: look for a tatami texture that allows for quick movements while also providing stable footing. The tatami texture will work with your Gi to provide ultimate leverage and friction.
  2. Cleanliness: waterproof vinyl surfaces will protect the interior of your mats from moisture damage while making mats easy to clean and maintain after training.
  3. Anti-skid backing: you should move when you roll, your mats shouldn’t. Any mats you purchase should have an anti-skid backing that keeps the mats firmly in place, no matter how hard you train.

Tell Us About Your Facility Needs

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