Taking your Yoga Class Outdoors

Yoga is a great way to exercise, relax and have fun. It’s proven to be more than just a passing fad. Classes are often booked full, and more and more yoga studios are popping up in cities all over the world. But yoga doesn’t always have to take place inside of a studio.

The very purpose of the practice is that it can be taken anywhere.

In fact, many yoga instructors love taking their classes outside. Here are some great ideas for taking your yoga class outdoors.

Go to the Park

Have your students bring a yoga towel mat to a park or open grassy area. You will have to make sure that the weather isn’t going to be an issue, of course—outdoor yoga is no fun in the rain, high wind or when it’s cold. Any other time, though, and yoga in the park can be a lot of fun. It can also serve as a great way of advertising your yoga class. People may stop and watch your class, and some may even want to join in.

There is also nothing more relaxing than the open scenery on a nice summer day.

Try the Rooftop

If your studio has an accessible rooftop, that is a huge benefit to you. This gives you the privacy that you won’t get at the park, but you’re class will still be outdoors. You may be able to do a lot to the area, such as adding some potted plants, folding screens and other decorations to help make it look more welcoming and relaxing.

Rooftop yoga is a great place to work through different poses and stretches at night, too, especially if you’re in an area of the city where there are a lot of bright lights to illuminate your space. Looking out over your city’s skyline at night can be extraordinarily peaceful.

Build Yourself an Outdoor Yoga Studio

If you’ve got some extra space around your studio, or if you are considering opening a second location, you can build an outdoor yoga studio. All you really need is a privacy fence around the area. You will get all the benefits of yoga in the park with the privacy of a studio. You can plant some trees around the perimeter, add a fountain or pool and do some landscaping to make this outdoor yoga studio a gorgeous, welcoming space. You can even add a roof to protect your flooring from the elements.

Building a Practice

Yoga can be taken anywhere, and while getting outside is an amazing experience, nothing beats the comfort of your own studio. It’s where you will build your yoga practice and community, so definitely make sure that you have all the equipment you need to make it a success.

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