Tactical Training Concepts and the Equipment You Need for Your Facility

By Brent “Trig” Peters

As a U.S. Army Veteran, Combatives Instructor and Criminal Justice Major, I’ve had the opportunity to train with several highly-skilled martial arts and self-defense practitioners. Throughout that time, curious minds always seemed to debate which disciplines are most effective in dealing with erratic and often reckless behavior.

The answer(s), while seemingly straight-forward, are actually quite subjective. In other words, human behavior and interaction dictates which skillsets are the most applicable, depending on the situation. As such, a multi-discipline approach is generally the most appropriate course of action.

What’s the Best Martial Art for Tactical Training?

To list only one specific discipline would incite some very informational and spirited feedback. That’s because, in reality, there is no “best” martial art for tactical training. Instead, many arts are used in difference scenarios. We compiled a list of styles that are all beneficial for tactical training as well as the techniques that can be learned from them (these are in no particular order):

Judo: Takedowns, Throws, Balance, Leverage
Control, Locks, Joint Manipulation, Weapon Defense, Takedowns
Control, Leverage, Personal Protection, Submission, Body Position in Space
Krav Maga:
Escalation of force, Lethal/Less than lethal, Real-World Based, Combat, Defense

What Equipment is Necessary for Tactical Facilities

All of these dynamic forms require a stable, durable and safe training surface. Zebra equipment compliments these training protocols by featuring the most proven tactical martial arts mats on the market. Every tactical facility focuses on different arts, and the types of mats that are best suited for your facility depend on which arts you practice the most.

Judo: Zebra Grappling Mats / Zebra Elite Grappling Mats / Underlayment / Foam Blocks
Aikido: Zebra Grappling Mats / Zebra Elite Grappling Mats / Underlayment
Jiu-Jitsu: Zebra Grappling Mats / Zebra Elite Grappling Mats / Training MMA Mats / PRO MMA Mats
Krav Maga: Zebra Combo Mats / Zebra Grappling Mats / Zebra Elite Grappling Mats

Tactical Training requires a flooring system that can withstand the rigors not commonly present in other disciplines, including Twisting, Falling, Grappling and Detainee Ops — all in full gear, using boots and shoes. Zebra mats have proven year after year to be able to withstand these abuses.


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