“Supplement” Your Business with These Products

Open any MMA publication and you will not only find countless advertisements for MMA mats and training gear, but for health supplements like bars, powders, pills, gels, shakes and drinks as well. Supplements are a lucrative business that can help you increase profits at your facility, but deciding whether or not to offer supplements, and which supplements to offer, can be a daunting task.

Getting Started

First off, your training center must be staffed by people with knowledge of the sales process as well as the nutritional supplements if you are to succeed. Your students can always go to big box retailers like GNC for just about any nutritional product, so you and your staff need to provide a much more personal sales process if you want to offer these types of products.

More About Supplements

Supplements are considered to be any orally-consumed product that claim to enhance a person’s health or physical/mental performance. The supplement industry is somewhat loosely regulated, causing many consumers to not fully trust the products, and a perception that it’s all a bunch of hype and :marketing jargon” still exists.

Get Support From Product Companies

It is important for gym owners to find out if the companies whose products they are considering offering support resellers at the retail level. Check to see if they will support you by offering discounts, sales collateral, coupons, retailer tie-ins online, etc.

When considering selling certain supplement brands, look for manufacturers that offer a multi-faceted approach to sales preparation by offering online training for your staff. Understanding the science behind the products will make you and your staff more effective at communicating the product’s features and benefits to your students. Since your students rely on the training staff for straightforward, solid information, you need to make sure your trainers know what they are talking about when it comes to supplements.

The supplement industry is still hampered by uneducated people giving fuzzy product advice. Educate your staff so that you can set yourself apart and empower your students to make good choices when it comes to nutrition and supplements.

Pushing Forward

Athletes are always looking for an edge in their training regimen. You already have a captive audience (your students) who want products that will improve athletic performance and aid in muscle recovery. Consider offering your gym members a price break on supplement purchases, further enabling you to become the retail solution for your member’s supplement needs. This will also keep them from buying at online discounters.

Members appreciate your expertise and advice. They appreciate discounts, and they will surely appreciate the guidance of your trustworthy staff.