The Right Facility Flooring Can Make Your Students Healthier

Whether you practice MMA, jiu jitsu, taekwondo, or any other martial art discipline, the type of flooring you choose for your facility will affect the health of your students and the longevity of their careers. Whether your focus is on striking arts or grappling, protection begins and ends with the floor, and practicing on an improper surface will lead to more injuries, illnesses and other consequences. How do the right martial arts mats keep your students healthy? Here’s the benefits of using a good quality mat.

Reducing Injuries

While no mats will prevent every injury, good quality martial arts mats can reduce the chances of them occurring. High quality mats are made out of an open cell foam that cushions athletes when they hit the mats. If your training focuses heavily on throws, slams and heavy grappling/groundwork, open cell foam is a must-have. You want to target a mat that is at least 1.5 inches thick, which is the industry standard thickness for organizations like the IBJJF. If your training is extremely intense and focuses heavily on slams and takedowns, it’s best to use a 2” thick mat surface.

But thicker mats aren’t always better.

If you practice taekwondo, muay thai or other striking arts, a 1” mat surface is ideal for your facility. 1” martial arts mats provide a firmer surface that adds balance for kicks, spins and other standup maneuvers. Having thicker mats does not provide the same stability. If you want to limit ankle and knee injuries, make sure the thickness of your mats is right for your training.

Reducing Illness

The interior foam core of your mats will keep your students safer from an injury standpoint, but it’s the exterior that will help you prevent illnesses. Good quality martial arts mats have an easy-to-clean and disinfect vinyl covering that wicks away water. You also want seamless tiles that offer little to no chance that water, sweat, blood, etc. can get inside and soak the foam, which will eventually cause mold growth.

Look for mats that are seamless, have a high-quality vinyl cover, and that are easy to clean with available solutions, disinfectants and mineral deposit cleaners.

Take Care of Your Students

Your facility and equipment is an investment in your business and the health of your students. If you want to keep both your business and students healthy, invest in the best. At Zebra Athletics, we provide industry-leading equipment for the world’s top facilities. Trusted by professional athletes, organizations and thousands of facilities, Zebra is the go-to provider for everything from flooring to walls pads, bags and more. Request a quote on your facility today.