How to Protect Your Martial Arts Mats Investment

You’ve made one of the biggest investments in your gym — quality martial arts mats. When treated right, Zebra mats can last you 15 – 20 years. We’ve done everything on our end to make sure that your mats are the very best in the industry. What, then, can you do on your end to protect your investment? When it comes to protecting your mats, the little things go a long way.

Wipe Down Mats

It’s the most obvious piece of advice, and for good reason. Wiping down your mats not only keeps your gym cleaner and prevents bacteria from hitching a ride onto you and your students, it removes a variety of potentially mat-destroying items. The sodium in sweat is not only bad for your body, it can wear down the vinyl of your mats if left to sit. Sand, dirt, and food crumbs can also wreak havoc on your mats over the years. Wipe them down after every practice to increase mat longevity.

Wash Off Feet

Sometimes students, particularly children, and particularly in the summer, will run into practice after playing outside. Dirt and grass-stained feet can cause unwanted stains and be a sanitary risk. Ask students to make sure their feet are clean and washed before entering the gym.

Clip Nails

This is another rule that’s a cornerstone of most gym etiquette, but one that always can use another reminder. Clip your nails so you don’t accidentally gouge out a teammate’s eye while you’re rolling, and clip your nails so you don’t leave scratches and small gashes on your gym’s mats.

Move Equipment Around

Have WaveMasters or fitness equipment on your mats? Zebra mats are strong enough to hold up under heavy equipment usage, but it always helps to shift the position of your equipment slightly every few months. This can extend the life of your mats and help them settle more evenly.

Zebra mats are the most important investment you’ll make in your gym. Treat them well, and you’ll get many years of happy training out of them.