How to Properly Clean Yoga Studio Flooring

Cleaning yoga flooring is no one’s favorite chore, but it’s an absolute must for studios. It’s not something you should do infrequently, either. Nothing will turn yoga students off more than the smell that is left behind by an unkempt yoga studio.

Thankfully, cleaning yoga mat tiles is easy and requires little effort. Follow this quick guide to cleaning your yoga studio flooring.

Know Your Cleaners

There are two different types of cleaner that yoga studio owners should familiarize themselves with:

Disinfectant is your standard cleaner that can be used to clean yoga tiles and eliminate most germs and bacteria that grow on them.

Mineral deposit cleaner is a little more specialized. If you begin to notice small white spots on your yoga tiles that disappear when cleaned, only to return after the tiles have dried, you will want to use mineral deposit cleaner. Mineral deposits are left behind when surfaces have been in contact with liquids filled with minerals, and sweat is rich in minerals like sodium and ammonia. When students sweat on your mats, they will leave behind small mineral deposits that can build up over time, this is especially the case for hot yoga studios. Mineral deposit cleaner is a special mixture that easily breaks apart mineral deposits and allows them to be wiped away.

Regular cleanings with mineral deposit cleaner are recommended, especially if you frequently host hot yoga classes.

Set a Schedule

Tiles should be cleaned after every class. These surface cleanings can be done quickly with a micro-fiber mop and the appropriate cleaning. If you host classes that end and begin closely to one another, you can use air movers to quickly dry surfaces before your next class begins.

Deep cleanings of your yoga tiles should be done at the end of every day. Using an electric gym scrubber will give you the best cleaned surface, but a good, hard manual scrubbing can also do the trick. The most important thing to do is stick to your cleaning schedule and always make sure you have plenty of cleaner on hand.

Can Yoga Tiles Be Vacuumed?

Yes, but we don’t recommend using a standard household vacuum as it can damage the surface of your tiles. There are vacuums available that are specially designed for yoga tile surfaces. Also, regular vacuuming should not replace cleaning with disinfectant and mineral deposit cleaners.

More Help

For further instructions on how to clean yoga tiles, you can download our quick cleaning guide and instructions.