Preventing Allergens in Your Yoga Studio

Yoga attracts a wide variety of people, so it makes sense that some of those practitioners may struggle with allergies that could keep them out of yoga studios. What can studio owners do to make their studio safe for all their students?

Install Proper Yoga Flooring

Yoga studio flooring recommendations vary and heavily depend on the type of yoga you practice. In almost all cases, carpet is a poor choice. While carpet may appear to offer extra cushion beneath your yoga mat, it ultimately collects dirt, sweat and allergens at an alarming rate. Sweat is inevitable in yoga, and unless you intend to professionally clean your carpet every week, you will soon be dealing with accumulated bacteria. Hardwood flooring and Zebra yoga tiles should be mopped after every class; with these smoother surfaces, you can feel more confident about removing any bacteria and allergens that may cause issues for your students later.

Make Regular Cleaning a Habit

Yoga studios, especially those that do hot yoga, can be a hotbed of germs. Frequent and proper cleaning is necessary to make your studio a friendly environment for all your students. Floors should be cleaned after every class with the proper method and materials for the type of flooring in your studio. Ensure cleaners don’t have strong chemicals or pungent scents that might linger and irritate the members of your next class. Once a week, do a deep clean to kill any lingering bacteria or moisture that might develop into mold or funky smells down the road.

Reduce Student Causes

A variety of students mean a variety of factors that may affect those sensitive to allergens. Request that your students steer clear of perfumes and scented lotions, as well as heavy hair products. Perfumes can easily irritate others, and when you add in the rising temperature in the room during a class, the impact to sensitive students can be substantial. If your students bring their own yoga mats, ask that they wipe them down right away after class so that bacteria and mold don’t have time to form – and in the summer, remind them not to leave their mat in their hot car before cleaning it.


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