How to Prepare Your Ring or Cage Before Putting on an Event

Whether your promotion is local, regional, or international, one of the keys to success is having the right equipment. The first decision to make is whether to use a ring or a cage.

Rings are more versatile and can be used for boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and pro wrestling, but plenty of promotions still hold MMA fights in a ring as well. Cages are reserved almost exclusively for MMA, but we have seen some promotions hold grappling events and kickboxing events in cages.

Sizing a Ring or Cage

The size of the of the ring or cage should be determined by what level of fights you are promoting; high level professional fights should be done in large areas to replicate the most common pro events. Amateur or local pro fights can get by with some of the smaller footprint rings and cages. We recommend 22’ or 24’ MMA Ring for kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA, and the 28’ or 30’ for MMA Cages.

Height Adjustments

Is your MMA Ring or MMA Cage height adjustable? Many different venues have varying ceiling heights and you will want to be able to adjust accordingly if that is going to be a concern. If you need a catwalk around your cage for ring girls or guys, you will be forced to pick a single height. Speaking of catwalks, these are a great idea for those promotions that have TV or Streaming partnerships and want to look like the most premier organization in the space. You can also add camera stands for coaches and film crews to stand on to make their jobs easier.

Meeting Ring and Cage Requirements

A promoter will also make sure your cage or ring meets the requirements for your Athletic Commission. Do you have printing to distinguish the red and blue corners? All Zebra MMA Rings and Boxing cages have this standard. Make sure your MMA cage has two doors so if a downed fighter is against one, there is another point of entry for a doctor.

Finally, make sure the cage or boxing ring is easy to assemble. Avoid manufactures that require everything to be bolted together. Flooring planks should also come labeled for efficient installation.


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