MMA and Martial Arts Injury Prevention 101

For the long-term health of your MMA/MA students – and for your business – it is important to keep training injuries to a minimum.

Any injuries that occur at your gym affect you financially. If a student gets hurt, one of two things typically happen: they are either unwilling to keep training because of the fear of getting injured again, or they are unable to train because they need the injury to heal. In either case, you are likely losing a student for a short time, or for good. Too many injuries can also lead to a bad reputation, which is even worse.

Preventing Injuries While Training

Here are some tips to help prevent injuries at your training facility:

    • Proper warm-up and preparation. When a member shows up late for training and you let them jump right in without proper warm-up, injuries are more likely to happen.
    • Combat gear. Ensure proper use of hand-wraps under boxing gloves. The wrong equipment, such as running shoes instead of wrestling shoes, will lead to injury.
    • Get technical. When a person tries to throw a round kick but doesn’t pivot their foot properly, knee injuries are more likely. Technique matters.
    • Minimize the danger. No jumping scissor takedowns. Don’t allow heel hooks or wrist locks. Minimize the use of elbows when sparring. These are advanced and dangerous fight moves that are not necessary for everyday training.
    • Okay to tap. Watch out for stubborn students who think tapping out in training shows weakness. These student are more likely to get hurt. Remind them that they are developing techniques and tapping out is okay and is a part of the learning process.
    • Belt them. Ranking systems do help, so the high-level and low-level students can recognize proper opponents in group training sessions.
    • Friendly and respectful culture. Keep a camaraderie within your classes. Make sure each student respects the other, and it will go a long way in keeping everyone injury-free.
    • Keep equipment up to date. Don’t forget to upgrade your old equipment, including wall and pole pads, rings, cages and martial arts mats.

Stay safe and keep training!