Merchandising 101 for MMA/MA Gym Owners

Merchandising the items you sell at your pro shop is the best way to make some extra income. There is, however, a right and wrong way to do it.

Merchandising Tips for the New Gym Owner

Your gym’s pro shop should not be overwhelming or confusing to your students. The way you lay out your merchandise has a dramatic effect on what sells. Always feature your best-selling items or items you really want to move at eye level.

If you are displaying uniforms, Gi’s or apparel items, take the extra time and spend the extra money on putting an outfit on a mannequin. It shows the customer what it will look like on them if they purchase. To go one step further, position the dressed mannequin near an ample stock of the product.

Remember to make it as easy as possible for the customer to look at the product and then purchase it. Make sure you have items in all available sizes. It pays to have extra stock in case the customer wants to purchase more than one of the item.

Also, make sure you have complementary items on the display or offered as part of a package. If you are featuring a certain type of boxing glove, make sure to display hand wraps or deodorizing spray next to the gloves. Another tip, taken from supermarket experts, is to place impulse buy items near your front counter or check-in area.

Finally, if a customer is asking about a product you don’t carry (like Zebra puzzle mats), offer to get it for them. It’s all about making their shopping experience simple and easy! In many instances, the item they are asking about is one you are already familiar with and know where to get it, and your customer will be very grateful if you can get it for them!