How to Keep Your New White MMA Mats White

More than 10 years ago, we bucked the status quo in the MMA industry by offering two new MMA mat colors: black and gray. Despite manufacturers insisting that red, green and blue were the most popular colors in the industry, our research showed that trainers and coaches wanted something new. Years later, they still remain two of our best-selling color options.

This is just one example of how we here at Zebra Athletics are highly focused on innovation. From introducing new vinyl coverings and mat colors to entirely new lines of products — we now sell home gym and personal fitness products — we are always working on new ways to be of service, make a statement, and improve our products (you can read more about the history of our company here).

What Kind of Zebra Only Has Black Stripes?

While black and gray are still in-demand colors, we often seek out and explore new ideas surrounding other ways to use color and graphics to better support the design of cutting edge spaces that look as good as they function.  That’s why, after months of testing, adjusting, and re-testing, we recently introduced a brand new color to our line-up: White!

You can now purchase our MMA, combo and grappling mats, as well as our wall pads and heavy bags in a crisp looking white that brightens training areas!

Keep Them Clean. Keep Them White.

One of the most common concerns about white-colored products is always going to be dirt and grime. We are happy to report that our new white products are not only just as resistant to scuffs and tears as our other mats, they are just as easy to clean, too.

Cleaning Your Way to Success

No student wants to train in a dirty facility, and you will quickly earn a bad reputation if students begin contracting ringworm and other conditions because you don’t clean your mats properly.

Here are some tips for keeping your mats looking sharp:

  • Post recommendations that all gis, rash guards, and training clothing be washed and dried to reduce chance of color bleed on the mats
  • Post recommendations (or a requirement) that only white training clothing be worn at your facility
  • Have a foot bath and towel next to the mats
  • Regularly clean ceiling tiles, fans, air ducts and rafters – a higher level of general cleanliness dramatically reduces the amount of soiling that can occur from dirt, dust, debris, etc.
  • Clean the mats with mop after every class and daily with a recommended gym scrubber
  • Once every 90-120 days, pick up the mats and clean the edges and area underneath each
  • Once every 90-120 days, rotate mats from high use areas to lower use areas
  • Once every year properly power wash and dry mats (see Zebra website for instructions)
  • Use only approved cleaners, sold here

And be sure to remember, frequency is just as important as technique. You should do a full, wall-to-wall cleaning of your entire facility at least once per day. These deep cleans require the use of a gym scrubber and mat vacuum. If you see an especially large amount of traffic, consider doing these deep cleans twice per day. You can use air movers to help mats dry quickly between cleanings.

Get Your Students Involved

You’ll be surprised how much many of your students want to help keep your facility clean. They want to train in a nice environment and will help you keep it that way. Consider keeping spray bottles filled with neutral disinfectant cleaner around your gym that students can use to quickly spot clean mats, bags and pads after use.

Cleaning Supplies and More

You can get all the cleaning supplies you need right here at Zebra’s online store. These cleaning products will help you keep your facility clean and your students happy and health.


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