Implementing Additional Programming For Your Yoga Studio

Yoga studio owners work hard at providing top notch yoga instruction to their students. However, many yoga studios and their owners would benefit from the addition of other fitness programming to provide more options to their students, bring in additional members, and increase revenue. What programs and classes would benefit yoga studio owners?

Fitness Programs

This is likely the most obvious choice for most studio owners. A small investment in fitness equipment like kettlebells and resistance bands can pay dividends. While the standard hardwood floors of most yoga studios may give owners pause about this option, keeping the kettlebells on yoga mats will help. Installing versatile flooring like Zebra yoga tiles will allow for both traditional yoga practice and fitness programming. Installing a bar along the side of one wall is another option for barre classes, and it also allows studio owners to benefit from trends in fitness.

Parent/Child Groups

Adding parent/child groups to your yoga studio is a fun and simple way to increase revenue and add programming. Yoga studio owners have many options here, from baby groups with simple structures of songs, stretching, and playtime, to preschool groups that provide a playful introduction to yoga and build the future yoga community.


A more unusual option, self-defense classes are a solid choice to add to yoga studio offerings. Yoga practitioners are often drawn to calm, meditative fitness, and are less inclined to seek out martial arts practices. For that reason, offering basic self-defense in a place where they are comfortable and with others they practice with regularly can be an enticement to learn important and potentially life-saving skills.