Frequently Asked Questions About Yoga Tiles

Have questions about yoga tiles? You’ve come to the right place! We enjoy providing answers, dispelling rumors and helping people just like you make the best decisions for your facility. We get a lot of questions, so we’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions we get about yoga tiles.

Why Use Yoga Tiles?

Glad you asked. Having been active in the yoga industry for nearly a decade, we have practiced on nearly every surface imaginable: all sorts of woods, bamboo, carpet, cork, rollout mats, rubber, laminate, linoleum (is this list getting exhaustive yet?). In all seriousness though, there is no shortage of yoga flooring types, each with their own pros and cons, but nothing compares to yoga tiles. They provide the optimal balance of support and stability, protection, grip, and ease of maintenance. They are also ideal for hot yoga studios since they are temperature stable.

You really need to try them out to see how comfortable they are. (Get your free sample pack here)

Which Type of Yoga Tiles Do I Need?

Zebra manufactures two different types of yoga tiles, each one is ideal for different facilities. The difference between the two? Thickness. Zebra’s classic yoga tiles are .5” thick, providing most studios the protection their students need during most yoga sessions. For studios who host Acro or Aerial/Anti-gravity yoga classes we recommend opting for our Yoga1 tiles, which are 1” thick and provide greater protection against falls.

Are Yoga Tiles Easy to Install?

They are, but that doesn’t guarantee you will 100% be able to take it on as a DIY project. What we can say is that, if you have a basic knowledge of some simple tools, you should be able to install your yoga tiles to your own facility. Most Zebra clients, both martial arts facilities and yoga studios, choose to install their own mats and yoga tiles.

Here are a few guides to help you see how easy it is:

How to cut yoga tiles

How to install yoga mats

If you need to, you can hire out the installation of your yoga tiles to a local independent contractor or to our team here at Zebra.

Are Yoga Tiles Easy to Clean?

You bet. One of the best things about having yoga tiles in your facility is how easy they are to clean and maintain. While carpet needs to be constantly vacuumed and professionally cleaned, and wood floors need to be cleaned carefully to avoid damage, yoga tiles are easy to clean and disinfect. This is because of their waterproof, vinyl surface that prevent water from getting under the tiles. All you need to do is clean them with a mop or use a gym scrubber to clean them more thoroughly.

Learn more from our care and maintenance guide.


Still have questions? We have a lot more answer. Get in touch with a Zebra representative today.

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