Frequently Asked Questions about Cleaning Zebra Martial Arts Mats

Zebra mats are known for their industry-leading quality, but they are also well known because of how easy they are to maintain. The process of cleaning your martial arts mats doesn’t have to be a mystery, that’s why we have put together a small guide of the most commonly asked questions.

What Cleaner Should I Use on My Mats?

We always recommend the Zebra Mat Cleaner. This neutral disinfectant cleaner is a one-step, no-rinse formula tested and trusted by Zebra to not only clean and disinfect your mats, but also keep them looking like new for many years!

Can I Use General Floor Cleaners Like Pine-Sol on My Mats?

The simple answer is no. The chemical makeup of floor cleaners is too acidic and will cause your mats to crack and peal.

Can I use Bleach on My Mats?

In short, no. Bleach will cause more harm than good. It will not only cause color issues but will also crack your mats, as well.

How Do I Get Hard Staining Out of My Mats?

If you have small spots, try 100% rubbing alcohol. If all your mats are staining from use our a Gym Scrubber is the best solution for you. The scrubber is designed to deep clean/sanitize and bring your mats to a new condition with each use.

How do I Clean Tatami Style Mats?

The scrubber is the number one thing we found that cleans the best with Tatami. If you don’t have access to one find a softheaded deck brush, mist your mats with cleaner, give it a good scrubbing and mop up with a dry mop.

How Often Should I Clean My Mats?

You should always clean your mats after every practice or every class, and deep clean your mats at the end of each week.

Can I Use a Steam Cleaner on My Mats?

Absolutely not. The heat from the steamer can lift the vinyl from the foam core, causing bubbling and warping of the mats.

My Mats Absorbed a lot of Water From a Broken Pipe, Flood, etc. How can I dry Them Off?

Unfortunately, once the mat has absorbed moisture it will not fully dry. This can lead to bacteria growth, mold, and unpleasant smells. We recommend mat replacement if any major water damage has occurred.

Can I Clean with Just Water?

Sanitation is key for any facility, and it’s necessary for the safety and health of you and your students. Always clean with a disinfectant cleaner!

Can’t I Just Mop My Mats With a Mop and Bucket?

We don’t recommend mopping your mats the traditional way, with a simple mop and bucket. Instead, use a spray bottle filled with cleaner to mist your mats and then mop with a dry mop. Mopping with a bucket filled with water or cleaner can allows the liquid to get between the seams of the mats, causing damage that can impact the longevity of your mats.


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