Finding the Balance Between Strength and Speed

A good training program shouldn’t just be based solely on the quality of the facility’s Martial Arts mats or training equipment, but how it incorporates a balance between strength and speed in its training programs. It’s both balanced and dynamic because the events these athletes are training for often require a blend of these aspects to compete at the best possible level.

So, what’s the Golden Rule for incorporating a balance of strength and speed into your training programs?

The Strength Factor

Strength is often referred to when determining how much force your muscles can exert. It’s what’s used during training while pulling an opponent’s arm into an arm bar as they resist. Or, while performing a takedown during a match.

Practicing takedowns and training with weights will help build the muscle and movements necessary to become a forceful opponent during matches.

The Speed Factor

Speed is more than just how fast your feet are. It’s a technique that is used when punching and striking, and efficiently moving around an opponent.

Practicing speed won’t help to increase strength, but it will help with agility for moves like sweeps and hammer fists during a sparring match.

Strength and Speed Together

The combination of strength and speed are valuable for movements such as striking, grappling, and even takedowns. For this reason, a balanced focus between the two training types will provide better results during matches.

In the end, there’s no Golden Rule for how to balance these types of training beyond to simply incorporate a balanced training regimen between the two. Just remember that without one, you will not reach the full potential of your training and abilities.