Your Complete Martial Arts Mats Installation Guide

Thinking about getting new martial arts mats for your facility? Not sure what happens after you make your purchase? Not to worry, Zebra has all the resources you need to get the job done right, the first time. While you can hire someone to help install your mats, you will save quite a bit of money by installing them yourself. It’s not too complicated, and this will leave you with more money to spend on products for your facility.

Here is everything you need to know about getting new mats for your facility.

Delivery vs. Pickup

Everything you order can be delivered right to your facility, but if you are located in the Twin Cities metro, or any nearby area, you are welcome to pick up your mats from our Minneapolis-based warehouse. If you place your order online, choose local pickup at checkout or speak with a Zebra sales rep to let them know you wish to pick up your mats.

Also, if you order event mats from one of our sponsored events around the country, you can also save on shipping by picking your mats up right from the event location, free of charge.

Preparation for Installing Your Mats

If you are having any work done to the floors, ceiling, walls, or any other area of your facility (plumbing/electrical), we strongly recommend you have it all completed before installing your mats. This will make your job easier and also prevent any damage to your new mats from construction.

Also, if you purchased a ring or cage or any bags, racks or trolley systems, we recommend you set those up before installing your mats.

We recommend that you install your Zebra mats onto concrete, wood and tile subfloors. If you have carpeting, your mats can still be installed, but they may shift during use. If you cannot remove the carpet, we recommend placing a sheet of plastic over the surface before installing your mats.

Finally, make sure to thoroughly clean your floor’s surface before installation.

Mat Layout

When you first unpack your mats, it may seem a bit intimidating. There will be many mats to place and the layout can seem complicated if you are dealing with different colors. Ask you Zebra sales rep to send you your personalized layout before starting your installation so that you understand where each mat will be placed.

When it comes time to place your mats, begin in the squarest corner of the room and work outward towards the middle and other walls. This will prevent gaps in your mats. Always make sure to push your mats together tightly so there are no gaps.

Framing Kits or Taping

If your mats are not placed wall to wall, you have two options that can act as a nicely placed down end that will not shift:

  1. Framing your mats with a Zebra Mat Framing Kit
  2. Using Zebra Double-Sided Mat Tape

If you use tape, simply apply it to the underside of the mats all around the edge. If you choose to use a Framing Kit, follow these steps:

  1. Paint or stain your kit before installation and allow to completely dry.
  2. Properly trim the kit down to size.
  3. Drill holes into the subfloor and screw the kit into the floor using the provided hardware.

A downloadable version of this martial arts mats installation guide can be found here.

Cutting Your Mats

If you need to trim your mats down to size or make them a unique shape to fill out a portion of your facility, you can see our martial arts mats cutting instructions here.


Installing your mats is easy. Finding everything you need for your facility is even easier. Contact a Zebra representative today for a custom quote based on your facility.