Choosing the Right Location for Your MMA Gym

Creating an MMA or martial arts gym that appeals to people is all about three things:

  1. Building an amazing gym culture
  2. Your training expertise
  3. Location. Location. Location

Of these three things, your expertise and culture can be built up over time, but there is only one thing that must be decided before you even open your doors:

Where to build your new gym.

Location is Important

People choose their favorite gyms based on the teachers and fellow students who go there. They also frequent places that are up to date on new equipment, but all the brand new bags, flooring and wall mats in world are nothing compared to the location of your gym.

If it isn’t placed in a location that is convenient to your target audience, they may begin to look elsewhere.

How do you go about choosing the best location for your gym?

Know Your Clientele

You want your gym to be located as close as possible to as many of your clients as you can. Where do your potential clients live? Are they in a city, the suburbs or rural areas? Take the gym to them, rather than making them come to you.

People frequent gyms that are close to their homes and places of work. It’s all about convenience.

Beware of Overcrowding

Research your potential locations carefully. You want to achieve the best mixture of potential clients and competing gyms. The more people that live in an area, the more likely there are to be competing gyms.

Try not to locate yourself in an area that is awash with competition, but you also don’t want to place yourself too far outside of your client’s reach, either. Find a place in a certain area where there is a need for a gym like yours.

Look for Other Stores

Locating your gym in an area where people frequently go (shopping areas, etc.) is a great way to expose your gym to the public. It’s free advertising by location.

Getting Started

Once you have decided on the perfect location for your gym, make sure it has the best equipment possible. From mats to bags and everything in between, Zebra has it all.

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