Building an Identity For Your Yoga Studio

The yoga industry is flourishing, and shows no signs of slowing down. With an abundance of yoga studios, how can you build an identity for your studio that will help you stand apart from the crowd? In the age of social media, establishing and sticking to an identity allows your brand to repeatedly be in front of current and future clients.   

Use the Best Yoga Flooring

Choosing the right yoga flooring is essential to the foundation of any yoga studio. Zebra Mats allows you to set your studio apart by option for a soft but stable flooring option that will be gentle on your students’ bodies. The wide variety of colors available ensures that you’re not committed to choosing between hardwood or linoleum. If you’re doing acro or ariel yoga, you can choose thicker mats to cushion falls. Even thicker mats allow for enough stability to support even the most advanced moves or fitness workouts.  

Create the Right Logo

A business’s logo is essential to its identity, and it’s no different for yoga studios. Be thoughtful about where you place your logo to ensure maximum distribution and value. Using studio yoga mats for your classes? Buy mats branded with your logo – students often take post-class photos for social media and you want to ensure your logo is in the photo. If you choose to outfit your yoga studio with mats, talk to your sales rep about having your studio’s logo printed on the center mat for a focal point for studio shots and class photos.  

Find the Right Colors

Colors set the tone for the studio’s atmosphere and vibe. Bold colors bring a lively and vibrant feel to a studio, while muted neutrals signal a more meditative and calming place to practice. Decide on your flooring and wall colors first, and then pick accent colors for additional pieces, such as the front desk and retail space.


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