8 Do’s and Don’ts of Yoga Etiquette

Sometimes it’s easy to dismiss improper etiquette because there’s no official rules in place. So, does that mean it’s okay to utilize improper etiquette in the classes you attend? Absolutely not.

Poor etiquette can ruin the experience of a class session for another yogi. Before you attend (or teach) another yoga class, here’s a few tips on the do’s and don’ts of yoga etiquette.

Let’s Start with the Don’ts:

Don’t Show Up Late

Nothing disrupts the mood of a class more than someone showing up late, trying to find a spot, and rushing to get into the current position. Instead, make it a habit to arrive early. Not only will this ensure you’re not disrupting a class session, but you’ll be able to pick out the perfect spot for while you’re there.

Don’t Leave your Shoes On

All studios have a place to “park” your shoes (and many times, even your belongings), so the instructors can keep their yoga floors as clean as possible between sessions and so the yogis in their classes aren’t slipping on water droplets from someone else’s shoe.

Don’t Wear Revealing Clothing

It’s always best to err on the side of conservative when dressing for any group fitness class. But, this is especially important for a yoga class. You’ll be putting yourself into positions that you normally wouldn’t and no one wants to see a show while they’re trying to focus on their breathing.

Don’t Rush Out of Class

It’s possible you may want to skip Savasana, but it’s an important part of the post-workout relaxation that your body needs, so make sure you stay put until the very end. Other yogis will also be happy you didn’t rush out and interrupt their relaxation time, as well.

The Do’s of Yoga Etiquette:

Do Bring a Towel

You will very likely get sweaty during class, especially if it’s a hot yoga session. Make sure you have a towel with you, so you can wipe off during rest periods instead of dripping on your neighbor.

Do Disconnect

Having a cellphone go off during a movie is bad, but having one go off during a yoga class is even worse. Make sure you’re completely disconnected electronically, or better yet leave your electronics in your car, so you don’t disrupt everyone around you.

Do Be Mindful of the Air Other’s Breathe

This includes that of your own personal hygiene and the additional products you’re using. Yoga requires deep breathing techniques and the person next to you may not want a noseful of this month’s trendy scents.

Do Be Mindful of Variations

While attending an advanced class, the instructor may or may not recommend replacement poses for those that aren’t able to master a pose. Keep with the poses that make you comfortable, so you’re not in danger of harming yourself or others. That said, if you’re attending a beginner class, don’t advance your poses beyond what the instructor is leading. You may confuse new students who aren’t familiar and they could become lost.